I am associate editor of research impact at the Journal of Human Resources, one of the premiere labor economics journals in the world.  Starting in late 2019, I began a series on social media where I’d do a “deep dive” of recent publications at the JHR. These deep dives were explainers, mostly geared towards non-economists, to help them understand what the authors were doing in the study, what they found, and how they went about the study.  I called the series #JHR_Threads and posted the deep dives to both Twitter and Facebook. 

Initially, I interviewed the authors and posted the video to Youtube, but I have since moved to video explainers for TikTok, a popular social media platform for video sharing.  The purpose of these explainers is to make recent JHR publications more accessible and digestible for students, the media, policymakers and other social scientists (including economists but not only economists) wanting a simple yet engaging summary of cutting edge academic research.  I will update this page with each new thread.  I hope you find them useful.

Authors' papers, videos and #JHR_Threads 

8. Bø, Erlend E., Elin Halvorsen, and Thor O. Thoresen (2019). “Heterogeneity of the Carnegie Effect”. Journal of Human Resources. vol 54 (2) Spring. Gated URLTwitter thread. 

7. Hernæs, Øystein, Simen Markussen and Knut Røed (2019). “Television, Cognitive Ability and High School Completion.” Journal of Human Resources. vol 54 (2) Spring. Gated URLYoutube interviewTwitter thread

6. Marcus, Jan and Vaishali Zambre (2019). “The Effect of Increasing Education Efficiency on University Enrollment: Evidence from Administrative Data and an Unusual Schooling Reform in Germany”. Journal of Human Resources. vol 54 (2) Spring. Gated URLYoutube interview.  Twitter thread

5. de Hoop, Jacobus, Jed Friedman, Eeshani Kandpal and Furio C. Rosati (2019). “Child Schooling and Child Work in the Presence of a Partial Education Subsidy.” Journal of Human Resources. vol 54 (2) Spring.  Gated URL.  Youtube interviewTwitter thread

4. Douven, Rudy, Minke Remmerswaal and Robin Zoutenbier (2019). “Do Altruistic Mental Health Care Providers Have Better Treatment Outcomes?” Journal of Human Resources. vol 54 (2) Spring. Gated URLYoutube interviewTwitter thread

3. Amuedo-Dorantes, Catalina and Delia Furtado (2019). “Settling for Academia? H-1B Visas and the Career Choices of International Students in the United States.” Journal of Human Resources. vol 54 (2) Spring.  Gated URL.  Youtube interview.  Twitter thread

2. Kofoed, Michael and Elizabeth McGovney (2019). “The Effect of Same-Gender or Same-Race Role Models on Occupation Choice: Evidence from Randomly Assigned Mentors at West Point.” Journal of Human Resources. vol 54 (2) Spring. Gated URL.  Youtube interviewTwitter thread

1. Peri, Giovanni and Vasil Yasenov (2019). “The Labor Market Effects of a Refugee Wave: Synthetic Control Method Meets the Mariel Boatlift”. Journal of Human Resources. vol. 54 (2) Spring. Gated URL.  Youtube interview.  Twitter thread