Scott Cunningham

professor of economics
baylor university

Disclaimer about working papers

The field of economics has both a notoriously slow publication process and a robust "working paper" culture (e.g., the NBER Working Paper Series, SSRN). While it is not unique to economics for papers to be circulated before publication, I am only able to speak to my profession's practice. Research projects in our field often take years to complete, and even more years to publish. In response to these publication lags, a working paper culture emerged wherein unpublished drafts were circulated prior to circulation. Usually this is justified on the grounds that it allows more dynamic feedback from readers which can then be incorporated into the paper before submitting to a journal. But the unintended effect of this practice is to create the illusion among non-economists (particularly lay people unfamiliar with these matters) that the working papers themselves have undergone peer review. This is especially true of some of the more prestigious working paper series such as the NBER working paper series, but it can also extend to any draft. It is imperative therefore that readers of the following manuscripts understand that these papers have not been published, which means they have not undergone the type of peer review that describe published works. Keep this in mind as you read these manuscripts, and I welcome your feedback.

Working Papers

"Indigent Defense, Social Workers and Suicide Attempts in Jail: Evidence from Randomized Therapists",
(with Jonathan Seward and Vivian Vigliotti).
"Depression, Anxiety, and Suicidal Ideation Among Graduate Students in Doctoral Degree Programs: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis"
(with Emily N. Satinsky, Tomoki Kimura, Mathew V. Kiang, Rediet Abebe, Colin J. Carlson, Hedwig Lee, Xiaofei Lin, Cindy H. Liu, Igor, Rudan, Srijan Sen, Mark Tomlinson, Miranda Yaver and Alexander C. Tsai)
"Children on the Move: Progressive Redistribution of Humanitarian Cash Transfers among Refugees",
(with Facundo Cuevas, Çigdem Çelik, Berk Ozler and Luca Parisotto).
Revise and Resubmit. Journal of Development Economics
"Did Craigslist’s Erotic Services Reduce Female Homicide and Rapes?",
(with Gregory DeAngelo and John Tripp).
Conditional Accept. Journal of Human Resources.
"The Role of Beauty in the Organization of Prostitution Markets",
(with Gregory DeAngelo and Erica Smith).
Revise and Resubmit. Southern Economic Journal.
"Studying the Effects of Incarceration Shocks to Drug Markets",
(with Samuel Kang).
"The Long-term Effects of the Rwanda Genocide on Child Work",
(with Yoo-Mi Chin and Van Pham).
Revise and Resubmit. Economic Development and Cultural Change

Works in Progress

"Craigslist’s Effect on Fertility",
(with Christine Durrance and Melanie Guldi)
"Predicting Suicide Risk in a Large Metropolitan Correctional Complex",
(with Jonathan Seward, Danny Smith, and Vivian Vigliotti)