Scott Cunningham

professor of economics
baylor university


Causal inference workshop (2-3 days, 8 hours a day)

This workshop will cover basic methodological concepts in causality like the potential outcomes model and directed acyclic graphs as these are the most common modalities used by contemporary statisticians, econometricians and social scientists more generally. It will cover, in detail, canonical research designs like regression discontinuity, instrumental variables, difference-in-differences, synthetic control. The 3-day workshop will also include matching and subclassification. It will also include group assignments in programming.

Difference-in-differences workshop (1 day, 8 hours)

The most common quasi-experimental method in the quantitative social sciences is the difference-in-differences research design. This methodology has undergone substantial updates over the last few years as econometricians and statisticians have begun investigating the historical use of panel fixed effects estimators more closely as well as devising alternative models that perform best under heterogenous treatment effects and heterogenous policy adoption. This 1-day workshop will cover the most important new theoretical papers with an aim towards intuition and implementation. It will also include substantial group programming assignments.

These workshops can be conducted either in a face-to-face environment or over zoom. Pricing and scheduling for both workshops are negotiable over email. Please contact my assistant, Emmi Scott (, to learn about availability.